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Developed for work requiring high precision, such as jewelry or manufacture of prostheses, the DLP process is based on the same technology that is embedded in many projectors.

The principle is similar to stereolithography (SLA), in the sense that light is used to solidify a liquid polymer. A chip composed of a matrix of orientable mirrors - sometimes several million - reflects a UV light and projects a kind of image corresponding to the shape of the layer to be printed. This light is hitting the polymer in a tray to solidify it. The treatment is layer by layer, as in the case of ALS.

The advantage of the DLP process over stereolithography is unquestionably speed. Indeed, a layer can be solidified with each projection of light. Only a vertical displacement of the platform is necessary.

MONO-MATERIAL technology: 100% resin

Patented FTI (Film Transfer Imaging) Technology

The +

Proven technology because it is very similar to stereolithography (the most used in industry)

Good mechanical resistance

Ease of use

No printhead, the main is in the cartridge

The -

Need for media removal


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