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Design - 3D Modeling - Custom 3D Printing


According to your request, we will define the specifications and constraints to produce the object . We accompany you by proposing the best solutions in three steps:

1- The feasibility study step which allows to define concepts considered feasible for the given needs;

2- Pre-project step : Choosing the best concept

3- Step of realization which consists of modeling the object to make a 3D priting, with a peculiarity : the iteration between the numerical model and its materialization.

(Our SPACECLAIM 3D Software allows you to quickly prepare the geometry of the object for machining or rapid prototyping)

The interest of 3D printing is located precisely in this iteration between the virtual object visible on the screen and the printed object that takes shape in the real world. This iteration makes it possible to detect and correct non-visible defects present in the designed digital model. This process makes it possible to design and prototype customizable objects, without defects and at low cost.

Last edited: 20/05/2018