3D Printing


Printing by disposit polymer

FFF, ABS, PLA, FDM, fast prototyping

SLA 3D Printing

Industrial 3D printing, Resin 3D printing, SLA 3D printing, high resolution 3D printing, precise details

DLP 3D Printing

We offer 3D printing resins adapted to the needs of high-resistance plastics such as ABS, Castable wax-type for jewelry, Flexible rubber and Technical resins

Concrete printing

From a matrix, it is possible to make a mold and cast plaster or other material for the realization of a sculpture. This process uses a single-use mold and therefore a single copy.

Wax casting

roposed since January 2017, this process allows to make parts in wax customizable. The principle consists in to print  a master with resin material for  making a silicone mold (high temperature 450 degrees).

métal micro fundry

Metal by micro foundry: This process, obtained by molding from castable resin matrix, has an advantage that is particularly advantageous for recycle metals. The High-resolution printing (50 microns) allows reach complex customizable shapes.