Design - 3D modeling - 3D printing

What we offers ?

We supports you in :
- Defining your specifications
- Modeling 3D design and through iteration with our 3D printers to correct any defects .
- Make choice of material and ergonomics best to your needs

We provide the final digital file and the printed object .

Our main objectives : to accompany you throughout your project and get your satisfaction

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Castable resin material:

This castable resin burn cleanly without ash and captures the fine and smooth details of the surfaces.

This technology allows the jeweler to save time for manufacture of jewelery by direct casting.


Intelligent wifi module:

ABS plastic shell printing; resolution 100 microns.

In this example, the polishing of the FDM filament makes it possible to obtain beautiful smooth renders.

A glossy post treatment protects the surface of the material.

Conception modelisation

Architectural model

Printed items are generated directly from STL format files. The defects founds are corrected directly on the digital file.

This ensuring a perfect print

Resin printing material