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33/5000 HB3D castable resin jewelry

By hb3d | On 12/02/2020

With our software we can assist you in:

- The design, customization & 3D modeling of your projects,

We also produce high-precision 3D prints intended for jewelry.

You can thus transmit the burnable matrix to your jeweler for a casting in precious metals of your choice !

HB3D jewelry

By hb3d | On 28/01/2020

With our software, we support you in the smallest details of your projects!

Resin molding

By hb3d | On 16/12/2019

Moulage resine hb3d sas


3D printing Composit plaster

By hb3d | On 21/11/2019

Proto platre composite hb3d sas


Customize your concrete objects

By hb3d | On 15/11/2019

concrete proto


Custom glazing

By hb3d | On 28/05/2019

Customize your interior glazings with patterns printed in 3D!


By hb3d | On 18/04/2019

Your Pictiures Customize

flooring material

By hb3d | On 01/08/2018

Customize your outdoor or indoor flooring and more with 3D Concrete / ABS Printing

Architectural models

By hb3d | On 19/06/2018


Campagne pub hb3d 01

Fast prototyping

By hb3d | On 05/06/2018

Prototype your projects quickly

Rare events

By hb3d | On 18/04/2018

3D printing makes it possible to freeze and restore snapshots rare events